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Automatic Noodle Making Machine
Automatic Noodle Boiling (Cooking) Machine
Automatic Noodle Rolling Machine
Automatic Dumplig& Wonton Skin Making Machine
Automatic Dumplig& Wonton Skin Making Production Line
n Foodtech& Pharmatech Taipei 2014, with VANCAM's 20-year of noodle machine experience, VANCAM is all you need at the noodle industry. Meet VANCAM at Foodtech& Pharmatech 2014 Taipei for machine consulting.
VANCAM's 20-Year of Plain noodle, Oil Noodle, Udon, Egg noodle, Dumpling skin, woton skin, Dimsum skin Forming Experience. VANCAM's Noodle Machines Are Sold Worldwide in Europe, USA, Australia, Asia.

VANCAM's Noodle Machines at The Show:
Booth #:L0432, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall
Date: June. 25-28
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